Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Check-Up

I needed to put the wet frames back on the hives, so I went into them today.

Hive #2 looked very similar to how it appeared a couple of weeks ago, perhaps they have put up a little more honey, but they seem to be holding their own at this point. It is in four mediums.

Hive #4 - after taking two boxes of honey off of the hive last week I hurridly placed a box of foundation on top to make sure they had something to do (and didn't think about swarming). Looks like it was a good move - they were pulling comb all the way across this box and had already put up a substantial amount of honey. I did go down to the third box to see what was going on there. I just pulled up a couple of frames, the ends were packed with honey, but by the third frame I saw a bunch of brood, so I just left this box alone. I put the new foundation box back on top of it and then put a box of wet empty comb on top. I would not be surprised to take some more honey from these girls in a week or two.

Hive #3 - I finally got into this box. I had run out of time two weeks ago so had not been in this box in over a month. It looked ok. I was hoping it was going to be busting but it was just ok. It was in three boxes (all I am using now is mediums). The top box had full frames of honey in the middle frames with a couple of empty frames on the edges. I went down to the second box and it had brood in it, so again, I left it alone. I put the other box of wet frames on top of this hive to give them some roon in case they want some breathing space. Not sure what to expect from this group, should be interesting to see.

I did extract the honey from the frames I took out a couple of weeks ago, I have about a 5 gallon bucket of honey to put into bears - but hey, I am out of bears! I bought 397 of these two years ago!

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