Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just an Update

Went in to the hives on Monday to replace the sugar water. I also took off the inner covers and took out a couple of frames to see what was going on.

Hive #2 - Empty jar, refilled it. Top box better than 50% filled with honey, so these guys should be OK as the weather turns cold again.

Hive #3 - Jar still 1/3 full. Top box was empty. Went down to the next box and it had a good store of honey. I went ahead and removed the top box and put it in the shed with some alpha moth crystals.

Hive #4 - Jar was 2/3 full, this hive continues to be slow in taking syrup, I think they just don't like it. Top box was about 40-50% full so I left it alone.

Friday, January 15, 2010

After the freeze

Well we have been out of town for three weeks and then the weather continued to be very harsh (in the 20's) so I haven't been in the hives for a while.
My son went out during the heat of the day (low 50's) and did see some bees flying outside of each of the hives (yeah!). When I got home from work I checked the feeders and they were all empty. Hopefully this was all taken by the bees and not dumped on them due to the very cold weather. There were bees up at the inner cover hole on all of the hives so things look pretty good for now. I replaced all of the feeders and left them alone- for now...