Friday, September 18, 2009

September Surprise

It had been over a month since I had gone into the hive - so it was time.

Hive # 2 is in four mediums. Top box, some honey, some empty space. Next box, brood and honey. Second box, brood, pollen and honey. Bottom box - pollen. The hive seemed OK, but not overwhelming. I am a little worried about its long term survival, but it is OK for now.

Hive #4 - Holy Schmolly. This hive is in five mediums. I had put an empty medium on top of this hive last time because it was doing so well. Well - they had packed out this hive competely. There was comb built between the frames and even on the inner cover. As I tried to take out the frames they was even comb built attaching them to the frames below. They were heavy as stome with all the honey. After emptying the top box into coolers I went to the next box - and it was packed too! Same story second verse, packed with honey from top to bottom. Well, after emptying this box I was out of coolers, out of light and out of energy - it was a lot of work to get this honey out. The next box looked like it also had considerable honey but I am guessing that it also had brood in it, but that look will have to wait for another inspection.

Hive #3 - I never got to it! It still looks like it is doing ok, lots of bees going in and out. It may be a little cramped, so I need to get in there.

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