Thursday, September 27, 2007


As a kid I lived on a farm, raised chickens in my bedroom (eventually moved them to the barn), collected eggs, raised ducks, rabbits and even a skunk!

Well its been a while since I was a kid, and living in suburbia does not give me much opportunity to have a farm - but I am stretching the definition.

I am in the process of starting up at beekeeping. It is something I have been interested in for years, but never "got around to it." I live on about an acre, my wife has done an amazing job creating a back yard full of plants, flowers and even a Koi pond (I help a little).

[My granddaughter "enjoying" the flowers]

So, I thought I'd document my progress, for others that may want to dip their toes into this "hobby," and frankly to have a place to keep some records of what I am doing. I would love your comments or even questions.

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