Thursday, September 27, 2007

First Cash Outlay

OK, so I bit the bullet and placed an order or some supplies. I have been invited to watch some other beeks work their hives so I needed some protection. Again, after several posts and replies on the forums I've purchased the following from Dadant:

V01200 - Cotton/Poly Zipper Jacket with Hooded Veil
Unless you are doing a lot of removals - it didn't seem necessary to get a full suit. I like the look of the hooded veil, we'll see if it is as functional as the normal wide brim hat.

M00927 - Smoker, 4x7, Stainless Steel with Sheild
The nonstainless ones appear to degrade rapidly and the shield is just a saftey issue for me. It is the normal rather than the large size - we'll see.

M00856 - Maxant Hive Tool
I am not sure if this fancy hive tool is really necessary, I'll give a report back as some time.

I will say that each of the suppliers I called were extremely helpful for this novice. Dadant had what I needed at a good price and there is a store in the state. I should get this stuff by the end of the week!

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