Saturday, June 4, 2011

Honey coming

I haven't updated this in a while, other priorities.

Two weeks ago I got into the hives and pulled out my first honey, then I went in last weekend a pulled some more - here is a recap.

Hive 2 - looking much better than previously, looks like it has settled down to be a solid hive this year. On the first trip I did not pull any honey from this hive, but on the second trip I did pull three frames of good solid honey. Looking forward to more.

Hive 3 - This is the monster hive this year. On my first trip I pulled 9 frames from this hive all packed with honey. On my second trip I pulled another 5 with many almost ready.

Hive 4 - Is still in a questionable state. It may be that this hive is a goner, but I am still waiting on it. On the first trip I went ahead a took a frame of larva/eggs from hive #3 and stuck it in this hive to see if they would generate a new queen. On the second trip these cell were all covered over as brood cells. There was an open queen cell - so perhaps (but I wouldn't put any money on it).

Hive 5 and Hive M again seem to be on similar tracks, they are building up well, they have moved brood up, which is OK with me because it means the queen is laying well, but it means that there is no honey to remove at this time.

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the bees house said...

Interesting upate how each hive is different. I am in middle of creating a page with hundreds of beekeepers blogs and have added you.