Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where have all the queens gone?

It appears now that I have three queenless hives :(

I went ahead and put a frame of eggs, larva and brood from Hive #2 into Hives #1 and #3 to see if they would go ahead and make a new queen. Hopefully, I did not move the queen from hive #2! Hive #2 is still going strong.

However, as I looked into hive #4 I could not find evidence of a queen there either! Yikes, I 'll check on this one again soon.


gerry said...

Rich, as a new beekeeper I find your blog updates very useful. I have established a couple of colonies that, with Ronnie Henk's help, seem to be doing well. At some time in the future I would hope to be doing what you are now doung with splits. Keep up the good work and good luck finding queens.

Steve @ Serenity Farm said...


Yeah, I find what you post useful too. Please keep up the good information.

I went into the hive yesterday (Sunday)mainly to clean the top feeder (a BetterBee special) which was developing mildew. Probably shouldn't have. Forgot to twist the feeder before I lifted it - brought up a frame with it - burr combed together. Bees weren't too impressed with my lack of skill and followed my most of the way back to the shop (several hundred yards) before they were convinced I was gone. I'll put the feeder back on today if the weather holds and the bees cool off some.

Worked with Ronnie Henk for a number of years in Facilities Engineering. One of my favorite memories is climbing up inside the then-new Langley water tower under Ronnie. Like climbing in a light rain. It was a hot day.

Here's a link -

The guy who writes this blog has talked about re-queening in a couple of entries.