Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sugar High?

Before my father left, we switched the single pint jar to a pint and a quart jar. So, I did not have to refill it as often. The bees finished the quart and the pint bone-dry in four days. I refilled the quart last night and they have not drink a fourth of it in a day.

They seem to be calmer. I am not sure if it is the colder weather that has hit us, the bigger hive, or the amount of sugar water we are giving them. I have only seen about three bees (outside of the hive) in this four day span, which seems quite odd to me.

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Rich said...

I am a little worried, I also saw few bees after we changed to the larger hive. Do you see many when you open the top to feed? I will send the guru a note and see if maybe he will stop by this weekend and assess.